Automated High Capacity Tow Tractor

Automated High Capacity Tow Tractor

For heavy duty, indoor towing capability that excels at automating repetitive, labor intensive and time-consuming hauls on flat ground or ramps.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Lift Capability: 72"
  • Max Ramp Elevation/Incline: 8%



  • Courier trucks implementation is easy and work in tandem with your existing fleet
  • Routes can be easily transferred between Courier trucks via USB to different facilities, locations, shifts, or applications
  • One operator can manage multiple trucks at one time, while working on other valueadded tasks


  • Operators can change routes inhouse with easy programming and reprogramming
  • Hybrid versatility allows manual mode as business demands fluctuate
  • Automates a variety of tasks for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing operations


  • Responsive to labor fluctuations and shortages increases productivity
  • Empower operators by allowing them to manage equipment performing the tasks they once did
  • Supervisor Software provides vehicle data through a web-enable computer or mobile device


  • Full training on how to program and reprogram trucks without the need of engineers
  • Experienced consulting services, application engineers and automation systems experts available to help you optimize your warehouse for automation adoption
  • Full telematics platform to gain valuable insights into labor and fleet efficiencies


  • Courier trucks encourage consistent and efficient delivery of goods by working in tandem with each other, your operators and equipment so responsibilities
  • Frees operators for value-added tasks and develops new employee skill sets for more engaged employees and reduced turnover
  • Automation encourages optimized workflow and supports process innovation initiatives

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