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Smarter, Stronger, and More Efficient by Design

Built in America

Exclusive features you won't find with competitive models help operators control with confidence, perform in tight spaces, weather-tough environments, gain greater efficiency and protect your investment.

*Tax and delivery not included. Only valid in the U.S.A. Photo shows options not included in the promotional price.

+ Extreme Environment Protection

IP65 Protection for electronic components also withstand power washing, stainless steel undercarriage pins protect from corrosion and rust and composite bushing never required.

+ Lift and Go Programmability

Operators can travel with forks elevated to prevent unnecessary wear to the undercarriage.

+ Static Torque Control

Separating speed from power improves operator control — especially at slow speeds.

+ Click2Creep with Automatic Speed Control

Maneuver with the handle in the upper brake position and gain greater load stability with automatically adjusted speed control.

+ Electronic Brake Release

Retain braking ability when handle is in the brake position, increasing operator control.

+ Enhanced Electronics

Secure pin-code permits only authorized operators and Auto Power Off powers down idle machines to preserve battery capacity.

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