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The right product storage, organization, and transport is critical to an effective operation. When the solution requires racking, Andersen Material Handling can put all the pieces together. We provide a variety of warehouse racking and storage solutions to maximize your space, from standard pallet rack to selective, push back, cantilever, and other specialty pallet racking systems.

We put decades of experience to work to help you plan, design, develop, and deploy a custom-engineered, high-quality and efficient storage system. We also offer installation, used pallet rack and pallet rack repair services. In some cases, we even buy or trade-in your existing rack.

Site Planning and Eval

Modular Pallet Flow System

This system provides smooth transition and flow, and superb flexibility for changing needs. It is reliable for lighter loads, and capable of mixing size and weight in a lane, up to 3,000 lbs/load. Ideal for molded plastic containers, metal racks and baskets, block pallets, and standard pallets.

Teardrop Selective Rack

Retain existing rack beams and enjoy the benefits of the stronger, more torque resistant teardrop uprights. Teardrop Selective Rack is compatible with other teardrop patterns and uses closed-tube column construction, impact resistance, and safety-spring activated lock.

Structural Selective

The streamlined design of our bolted beam-to-column construction is unmatched for heavy loads (up to 20,000 lbs/shelf) capacity and resistance to impact. Made with hot-rolled steel channel uprights with welded frames, it’s available in multiple colors, easy to install and clean, and offers accessories.

Cantilever Rack

Great for storing bulky items like furniture, odd shapes, and items of varying lengths. The support is at the back of the rack, so there are no front columns to get in the way or limit your use of space. Available in Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty structural styles.


Reduce the number of lift truck aisles required and double the storage capacity of a given area. This rack is engineered for extreme safety because forklifts operate inside the structure. Available in both structural and roll-formed uprights and recessed cant legs for increased clearance.

Reverse Gravity Flow Systems

Maximize your working cube, while reducing aisle space, and eliminating honeycombing. No need to enter the racks—you pick and fill from the aisle. Choose from Push Back or Roll Back systems.

Get the most out of your space by utilizing multiple storage solution components

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