Great Decisions are Easy with the Right Information.

Optimize and Manage Fleet Assets
with More Information

Evaluate your fleet, identify cost-saving solutions, and drive operator and truck productivity to new heights, regardless of facility or fleet size.

With the right information, you can improve your facility’s operating environment, turning data points into precise, easy-to-understand and actionable knowledge.

We have wide a range of analytic options that give you control—from right-sizing your fleet, analyzing costs per hour, identifying impacts, increasing uptime, and controlling operator usage parameters. And more.

iWarehouse Comprehensive Forklift Telematics

Compatible with hundreds of makes and models of powered industrial vehicles, iWarehouse puts critical, real-time data about your entire fleet at your fingertips. So whether you’re running one brand of vehicles or a mixed fleet – in one warehouse or many – you have the ideal suite of analytics tools to run your business better. iWarehouse can evolve with your changing business needs, to continuously improve efficiency and productivity while identifying opportunities to reduce costs.
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iTrack Asset and Maintenance Management

Report, understand, organize, and consolidate equipment and fleet maintenance costs. iTrack lets you monitor and manage all your assets and service requests through The Raymond Corporation and a web-based interface. Easy to implement with no required hardware, iTrack offers an affordable, flexible, scalable way to make your business more transparent with efficient use of data.
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Labor Management System

Labor is your biggest asset and highest spend. The iWarehouse Labor Management System (LMS) integrates data from a variety of sources to give you the most complete picture of worker activity. While a typical Warehouse Management System gives you insights into an employee’s time moving product, iWarehouse LMS lets you identify other areas of process improvement that can dramatically impact your bottom line.
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