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Warehouse Safety Equipment

Safety is serious business. We make it our business to carry and provide Industrial Safety Supplies designed to keep both employees and product protected. The combination of heavy loads, high stacks, and fast-moving equipment create a variety of potential hazards for the worker.

We have everything needed to protect your assets: rack bumpers, battery spill kits, fire extinguishers, vests, safety mirrors, floor tape, load weight indicators, and much more.

Products aside, it’s knowing how and when to use them that produce results. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive set of operator, technician and pedestrian safety training programs in the industry.

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Forklift Fall Protection

OSHA Fall Protection standards require a restraint (such as a guard rail) or Operator fall protection. In all cases, a full body harness is required. We also stock retractable and energy absorbing tethers and guardrail systems. Remember, Fall Protection equipment should be replaced every five years.

Forklift Safety Lights

Increase visibility and safety with additional vehicle illumination. Warning lights work well in in environments with high levels of pedestrian traffic and ambient noise. Blue spot and red zone lights are very popular with operators, pedestrians, and plant managers.

Forklift Impact Monitors

Reduce costs and increase workplace safety and driver accountability with forklift alarms and impact monitors. Save money on vehicle maintenance and downtime, product damage, racking and facility damage, and operator downtime and injury.

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Warehouse Personal Safety

We can be your one-stop resource for everything your workers need: hard hats, ear plugs, gloves, face shields, goggles, flashlights, battery cap removal tool, battery spill kits, etc. Our on-line catalog is a quick way to order whatever you need.

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Warehouse Barriers and Guards

Provide a safe environment for people and products by installing safety guardrail, handrails, bollards, and other protection equipment in your warehouse.

Forklift Barriers and Guards

We also carry forklift barriers and guards including load backrest, rear operator guard, platform barrier, rear vertical post, and bumper guards.

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