Vertical Lift Modules & Pallet Shuttles

Storage of a Higher Order.

Transform your Operation with
Modern Storage Solutions

Automated warehouse storage is a great way to find adaptable, space-saving, organization solutions for facilities in any industry. Automatic and semi-automatic vertical lift modules and shuttles move up and down or side to side to store items, increasing storage capacity, improving picking accuracy, and providing more ergonomic handling of goods.

Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Modules

Based on the “goods to person principle,” vertical lift modules have proven to be an effective automated order-picking technique that can save 1000s of man-hours. A series of shelves rotate on command, delivering selected items at an ergonomically safe and convenient height.

Raymond Radio Shuttle High Density Pallet Racking Systems

Radioshuttle, also known as a pallet runner, is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system. Easily managed with a remote control, it is loaded into storage loads and executes orders to load or unload pallets into lanes, where they are fed pallets by lift trucks.

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