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Automation Engineered For You

Automation is an inevitable and invaluable option for many facilities, yet getting started can be overwhelming. Let the fleet management experts at Andersen Material Handling and our Intralogistics Group help evaluate the interaction between your employees, equipment and systems to create an automated operation that has you running smoothly, efficiently and intelligently.

Automated Storage and Retrieval

These systems reduce cost, improve working conditions, and prepare operations for future growth. With an eye toward saving space and/or optimizing existing facility footprint there are a number of high-density options including ASRS Cranes by Integrated Systems Design, Vertical and horizontal carousels by Kardex-Remstar, and Pallet shuttles, by Radioshuttle.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor and sortation systems can make or break a successful supply chain. Identifying bottle necks and automating manual work will keep your organization moving forward. The experts at Andersen and our Intralogistics Group will engineer and implement the right conveyor system to work within your application requirements. From engineering, proper installation, maintenance and repair, our customer service is always on call.

Storage Solutions

The benefits of a warehouse storage system go much further than simple organization. Properly stored, organized and transported product positively impacts profitability. And it can make your facility safer and more efficient in terms of time, effort, and space. See our full line of storage rack solutions from cantilever, flow racks, mezzanines, Reverse gravity flow, and more.


Automated lift trucks are a cost-effect solution for today’s labor challenges. They consistently and reliably perform repetitive transportation and pallet handling tasks. Additionally, there are a variety of robotic systems such as Autonomous mobile robots, industrial robots, and collaborative robots that can be custom designed to bring the most value to your operation. Experts at Andersen Material Handling and our Intralogistics group will help determine which robotic automation systems are best for your operation.

Engineering and Consulting Services

Improve your operation with professional design and implementation solutions. We find cost drivers and turn them into cost savings. With years of experience, our entire team works on a customized plan of action based on comprehensive data analysis, facility layout and design, computer simulations, to deliver actionable recommendations. Get started on your solution today.

Lean Management

An optimized workplace can increase uptime, optimize assets, and reduce overall operating costs. Our Lean Management philosophy creates a culture of continuous improvement, sustainable success and employee empowerment. Learn more how our process team can introduce process change with a clearly defined plan that describes the current state, recommended improvement changes, and return on investment calculation.

Integrated Systems

Turnkey warehouse integrated systems solutions are best handled from start to finish – concept to execution. We are the expert in assuring your project is managed with proper installation, proven suppliers, and that the entire project is executed on time and on budget.

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