High Capacity Reach-Fork Truck

Highest. Heaviest. Fastest.

The Raymond High Capacity Reach-Fork truck offers the highest lift heights, heaviest capacities and fastest cycle times, providing greater capacity retention and improved cube utilization.

  • Battery: 36 volt
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs. Capable of lifting 2,000 lbs. to 505" (Single/Deep-Reach)
  • Elevated Height: 542" maximum
  • Baseleg Opening: 41", 42" and 45"
  • Customized for Your Application: Hundreds of configurations available to meet your specific needs



  • Faster Cycle Times

ACR System delivers quicker acceleration and electronic braking, faster lift and lower speeds, and smooth directional changes for 15% faster cycle times than competitive trucks.

  • Superior Load Handling

Exclusive Steered Idler prevents caster snap, reducing the time it takes an operator to back away from a rack with a load at high elevations.

  • Greater Visibility

Patented Open View Mast provides superior visibility for increased productivity and operator confidence, fewer errors and less product, rack and facility damage.


  • Energy Conscious System

ACR Control System provides faster speeds and smoother operations to assist in moving more pallets efficiently and economically.

  • Regenerative Lowering

7530/7730 reach trucks create power through regenerative lowering, returning amps back to the battery when the truck is lowering a load, resulting in fewer battery changes and reduced downtime.

  • Efficient Design

A larger displacement pump optimizes the motor for longer battery shift life so trucks stay on the floor longer.


  • Smooth Operation

Inertial Dampener reduces shocks and sways before they reach the operator compartment—enhancing stability and operator performance.

  • Precise Pallet Handling

A-Frame Suspension delivers smooth, precise handling with full-time traction and steering alignment.

  • Greater Confidence at Height

Heavy duty mast frame offers vertical stability when lifting heavier loads to higher heights for less mast sway and greater operator confidence.


  • Superior Visibility and Comfort

Universal Stance allows the operator to face forward and look straight up at loads providing more operator comfort when working in high racking applications.

  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn Controls

Single-axis control handle provides simultaneous function with intuitive vehicle controls that are easy to learn for greater operator productivity.

  • Simple, Intuitive Operation

A single 7″ Multifunction Color Touchscreen Display consolidates vehicle systems into one monitor and makes truck information readily available and easily visible for greater visibility and usability.


  • Easier Maintenance

Bolt-on wheel plates with floating articulation, allows for easy load-wheel replacement and improved ride quality.

  • Greater Durability and Reliability

Baselegs made from ductile iron, which is 30% stronger and more durable than steel, enhances strength and durability for reliable load support.

  • Fewer Parts and Better Components

Easy-to-remove control handle with only 35 parts —61% fewer parts than competing models—for less maintenance and lower costs.

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