Side Entry Pallet Truck

Designed for Greater Versatility – End to End, Side to Side.

The Raymond 8810 Side Entry Pallet Truck brings superior maneuverability for improved productivity to a wide range of material handling and low level order picking applications.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 6,000 lbs. or 8,000 lbs.
  • Fork Length: Available in multiple lengths and widths
  • Loaded Travel Speed: 6.5 mph
  • Unloaded Travel Speed: 9 mph



  • Lift and Go

Raymond’s exclusive programmable feature lets you reduce travel speed to train operators to travel with forks elevated to prevent unnecessary wear to the undercarriage over dock plates.


  • Heavy-Duty Undercarriage

The undercarriage is steel-reinforced throughout, with heavy-duty pins and bushings designed to handle maximum workloads.


  • ACR® System

Our exclusive ACR System provides quick and efficient AC traction and smooth, responsive control. ACR delivers more uptime, fewer battery changes and fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance needed and lower maintenance costs.


  • Greater Energy Efficiency

The ACR® System and right-sized drive motor deliver longer battery run time, fewer battery changes over the course of a shift, less batteries required overall, and lower costs for your operations.


  • Roomy Operating Compartment

Increase operator comfort by reducing the effort required to maneuver the truck


  • Ergonomic Backrest

Offers greater operator confidence and features a contoured, height-adjustable back pad that adjusts to operators of all sizes.


  • Height-Adjustable Control Handle

Offers more customizable, comfortable operation, by ensuring that the operator’s hands remain in a neutral, natural position.


  • Easy to Maintain

CAN bus technology eliminates up to 40% of the wiring, composite bushings never require greasing, and quick change pivot blocks that replace common wear areas for faster service.


  • Stainless Steel Pins

Provide longer component life and easier maintenance of the undercarriage. Standard steel pins commonly rust and corrode. The use of stainless steel pins prevents corrosion in wet environments and eases removal efforts.


  • Smooth Pallet Entry

Tapered forks are designed for easy pallet entry and exit, for a smoother transition in and out of pallets, with a streamlined fork thickness for better clearance.


  • Versatile Control

Forks-first or tractor-first operation provides exceptional versatility and maneuverability. A tight turning radius allows more precise, secure, and efficient load handling.


  • PowerSteer

PowerSteer significantly reduces the effort required to maneuver the truck, resulting in increased operator comfort and control for greater productivity.

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