R Series


Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. This model also available in railcar or container version. Battery is located below the operator for greater stability and residual capacity. Standard features include super-elastic tires, Advanced Multifunctional Display (AMD), automatic parking brake and choice of lithium or convention batteries.

  • R Series Capacity: 9,400 – 17,500 lbs.
  • Railcar R55-Short: 10,900 lb. and 12,000 lb.
  • Container (K series): 9,400 – 17,000 lbs.
  • Operating System: 80V - 96V (Lithium or Conventional)
  • Turning Radius: Ranging from 33.5”
  • Ingress Protection: Standard IP54
  • Load Center: 24”
  • Forklift Length: 112”
  • Forklift Width: 56.7”
  • Forklift Height (Container version): 87.5”
  • Oil bath brakes

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