2nd Level Order Picker

Strength and Performance Like No Other

The Raymond 8720 Low Level Order Picker pallet truck is raising expectations with a platform that elevates to 47" for comfortable access to load beams up to 100". With unrivaled durability and an exclusive design to handle the demands of the North American market, customers can optimize slot utilization and handle the ever growing SKU growth consumers demand.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 6,000 lbs. and 8,000 lbs.
  • Fork Length: Single, Double and Triple Configurations
  • Lift Height: 47"
  • Operator Compartment: 21"



  • More Product Moved

The ACR System delivers longer battery life, precise speed control and faster acceleration between picks to help your operators pick more.

  • Simultaneous Lift/Lower and Travel

Allows the operator to travel between picks at height or while lifting/lowering compartment without having to stop the truck to perform each function – saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Improved Load Handling

PowerSteer reduces the effort to steer providing easier turning and automatically slows the truck when cornering.


  • Spacious Step-through Compartment

21″ step-through operator compartment allows access to either side of the pick aisle.

  • Wide Picking Window

47″ lift height of operator compartment offers access to the second and in some cases third beam for greater accessibility.

  • Easier Access to Product

Optional pick rake stored within the operator compartment helps provide selectors with easier access to product stored in the back of the pallet.


  • Heavy Duty Components

Ductile iron bell crank, stainless steel undercarriage pins and Lift and Go programmability – that enables travel speed to be reduced until forks are raised to a specific height – minimize wear.

  • Even Weight Distribution

Dual Lift Cylinders distribute load weights evenly and increase stability and operator ride comfort.

  • Protective, Durable Design

Heavy duty mast channel features the same proven design found on Raymond Orderpickers and bumper guard protects and extends component life.


  • Increased Operator Confidence

Feather light hydraulics smoothly lift and lower the compartment, increasing operator comfort and productivity while a rock-solid stability design give operators confidence when operating at full speed at height.

  • Comfort Throughout the Day

Operators appreciate the low step height into a spacious compartment with an adjustable height back rest pad that fits different operator sizes.

  • Organized and Accessible Storage Area

Accessorized with a variety of options such as a storage area, storage tote, clipboard storage and powered accessory bar, providing the operator with the convenience to secure and power tools, paperwork and picked product.


  • Reduced Downtime

CanBus technology reduces wiring, simplifying the time spent troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Reliable Performance

Equipped with IP65 protection to electronics and cold storage conditioning ensures reliability in harsh environments and in temperatures that run down to -20F.

  • Longer Maintenance Intervals

500-hour service intervals with fewer maintenance points because of long-lasting corrosion-resistant components like composite bushings, that never require greasing and last 4-5x longer than steel bushings.

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