4-Directional Reach Truck

Increase Storage up to 40%

The Raymond 7310 4-D reach truck is a multi directional forklift that eliminates the need for right-angle turns, reducing the aisle width needed for long load handling and bulky loads. This narrow aisle forklift features a unique four-directional travel mode that enables outstanding maneuverability and efficiency, and results in less damage.

  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 270" maximum



  • ACR System

Delivers longer battery life and lower energy costs.

  • High Performance

Get the speeds necessary to power your operation with 36-volt performance.


  • Increase Storage Capacity

Long load forklift allows up to 40% more storage by reducing aisle widths and eliminating the need for right-angle turns.

  • Open View Mast

Allows the operator to see the baselegs, load and rack.

  • Speed and Acceleration

Unmatched speed and acceleration with precise torque control for fine maneuvering and travel over uneven floors.


  • Ease of Access

Covers are easy to remove with components laid out intuitively for convenient access and simplified service.

  • On-board Active Maintenance

On-board diagnostics and self-checking capabilities.

  • Rugged Reach Mechanism

Torsion tube scissor tie and anti-friction scissor are designed with radial thrust bearings to extend the life of the scissor mechanism.


  • Low Entry-step Height

9.25-inch entry step helps operators avoid unnecessary climbing, minimizing fatigue.

  • Single-axis Control Handle

Intuitive vehicle controls are easy to learn and provide simultaneous control of travel, lift, load handling and horn.

  • Comfortable Compartment

Padded, wraparound compartment provides shift-long comfort.


  • Four-directional Capability

Lateral maneuverability, in addition to forward and rearward movement, allows for narrower aisles and aids in handling long, bulky loads with less damage.


  • Performance for Each Operator

Programmable performance features allows managers to set truck performance to suit individual operator experience and training

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