Automated Tow Tractor

Simplicity, for Productivity's Sake

Boost productivity in batch picking, cart towing and parts-to-line operations with the Raymond Courier automated tow tractor. It makes simple work of automating repetitive and time-consuming hauls that are labor intensive but don't require skilled attention from an operator.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs.



  • Minimum Infrastructure
    Equipped with Vision-Guidance technology, the Raymond Courier automated pallet truck does not require significant infrastructure changes and investment typical with other automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Fleet Compatibility
    Raymond automated lift trucks work in tandem with your current forklift truck fleet.
  • Real-time Vehicle Data
    Supervisor software monitors, controls and provides real-time vehicle data through a comprehensive web-based fleet management application accessible from any web-enabled computer or mobile device.


  • Add Trucks As Needed
    Add additional trucks at any time, as needed, they can be operational from day one.
  • Route Flexibility
    Routes are not fixed; trained operators can add or re-configure as needed from paths already programmed into your route network.
  • Allows Manual Operation
    Operator on/off flexibility allows you to redeploy Raymond Courier automated pallet jacks as needed for alternative tasks or run in automated mode to free up operators for other skilled tasks.


  • More Pallets Moved
    Operator can manage multiple trucks at a time, moving more pallets to help you get the most out of your resources.
  • Multiple Tasks Performed
    Raymond Courier automated lift trucks free up labor resources to focus another skilled tasks. Trucks can then perform with or without an operator – and can be re-deployed as your application needs change.
  • Durable Design
    The Raymond Courier automated pallet truck is build upon Raymond’s proven 8000 Series pallet truck design, engineered to deliver longer vehicle and component life.


  • Controlled Operation
    Built-in sensors slow and eventually stop the truck if they detect an obstruction, waiting until the object is removed before allowing the truck to proceed.
  • Easily Access Components
    All components are easily accessible for fast, cost-effective maintenance and enhanced uptime.
  • Durable Design
    The Raymond Courier automated pallet truck is build upon Raymond’s proven 8000 Series pallet truck design, engineered to deliver longer vehicle and component life.


  • Comprehensive Training Programs
    Comprehensive operator, pedestrian and technician training programs help protect people, equipment and materials – as well as assist you in satisfying your duty to provide forklift training.
  • Flexible Financing
    Raymond provides customized solutions to help acquire the equipment you need to grow your business. Flexible financing programs are available through Raymond Leasing.
  • Local Service. Direct Support
    As the only lift truck manufacturer of automated lift trucks to offer local service, Raymond has a network of more than 100 service center locations to provide support where and when you need it.

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