Furniture Order Picker

Built For Enduring Performance

Raymond’s Furniture Order Picker Truck is specifically designed for furniture handling needs. Efficiently handle bulky, delicate and odd-sized loads with our specially equipped orderpickers – in your choice of 24 volt or 36 volt power units to match your application. Rail or Digital Wire Guidance helps to reduce product damage and eliminate operator steering requirements while in the aisle.

  • ACR System: AC Drive & AC Lift Motors
  • Battery: 24 volt or 36 volt
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs. at 48" load center
  • Elevated Height: 390" maximum



  • Precise Platform Movement
    With variable lift speeds and better control of load handling, operators can get to the pick smoothly and efficiently, without the jerky motion the experience on other brands. Our patented suspension system and smooth mast staging isolate from the operator.
  • Intelliguide Wire Guidance System
    The optional wire guidance system frees operators from steering responsibilities in very narrow aisles. The system quickly and reliably guide signals. And its patented no-tune design provides excellent tracking and stability.
  • Visibility
    Raymond’s clear view mast design and wraparound operator compartment offers a panoramic view of racks, loads and aisles.


  • Easy-to-Read Display
    The operator display provides easy to read information to increase efficiency.
  • Large Pick Window
    Generous case-picking window helps operators to be more productive.
  • Smooth Operation
    Patented suspension and smooth mast staging isolate vibrations from the operator.


  • Cover Access
    The impact-resistant cover allows easy access to the drive tire and other components for convenient service access.
  • Comprehensive Self-Diagnosis
    Audible and visual signals alerts operators instantly when service issues arise, and provide detailed information to simplify troubleshooting and service.
  • AC Power
    Equipped with our exclusive ACR System, Raymond’s furniture order picker has lower maintenance and parts costs, fewer service requirements, increased battery performance, and superior truck utilization rates compared to DC-lift trucks. That means a better bottom line for you.


  • Fully Programmable
    Custom configure your furniture orderpicker to accommodate operator skill level and other variables.
  • LED Light and Fan Package
    Improve operator visibility for case and piece picking tasks with the optional LED light package.
  • Easily Handle Bulky Loads
    Raymond’s Furniture Order Pickers are ideal engineered for pallet less handling such as furniture and bulky, odd-sized loads. Select from varying fork and baseless.


  • Optimum Speed Control
    Optional intellispeed system smoothly coordinates travel speeds and load height. This Raymond-exclusive feature maximizes truck speed as the platform rises, capitalizing on an area or opportunity for providing faster travel between picks compared to conventional speed control.
  • Efficient Energy Usage
    Our AC Orderpicker trucks use fewer amps per cycle, so you’ll save on batteries, chargers and downtime. And superior energy efficiency means batteries last longer.
  • Battery Commonality

Standard battery compartment widths and 24 volt and 36 volt battery allow for standardization of batteries across various models to reduce battery and charger area.

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