Lithium-ion Pallet Jack

The Raymond 8250 walkie pallet jack, powered by lithium-ion, is a reliable workhorse delivering increased power capabilities and efficiencies so that you can run longer, recharge quicker and move more pallets. A 2" reduced head length allows for greater maneuverability in tight spaces. And, maintenance is reduced with a truck that is durably designed with a battery that doesn't need servicing.

  • Battery: 26 volt Lithium-ion, 78 amp hour
  • Battery Compartment: 5.8” battery compartment
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Power System: AC Traction Control



  • Ductile iron bell cranks and wheel forks provide greater durability to the undercarriage.
  • High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)

HSLA ribbed bumpers test at 3 times greater strength and durability over competitive bumpers – but weighs considerably less.

  • Polycarbonate Covers

High-density snap-fit covers deliver great strength and resilience.

  • Rugged Battery Design

Passes full battery pack drop, steel ball drop, vibration and shock and bump track tests.


  • Increased Operator Control

Electric brake release releases the brake during low batter conditions without have to remove the truck cover. Retains braking ability when handle is in the brake or up position.

  • Increased Speed Control

Click2Creep automatically reduces travel speed and allows the operator to move one inch at a time with the tiller tucked tightly to the tractor.

  • Extreme Environment Operations

Integrated heaters within the lithium-ion pack and cold storage packages enable work in colder temperatures without degrading performance.

  • Opportunity Charging & Faster Charging Times

Recharges in as little as 2.5-3 hours with a standard 110 outlet.


  • Built-in Run Protection

Prevents damage to the battery pack by allowing user to plug the pack for opportunity charging without have to disconnect the pack from the truck.

  • Easy Service Access

Unique removable bumper eliminates the need to tilt or hoist the truck for service.

  • Stainless Pins

Standard in the undercarriage to prevent corrosion in wet environments.

  • Wear Protection and Operator Training

Lift and Go programmability trains operators to travel with the forks elevated to prevent unnecessary contact and wear over raised surfaces.


  • IP65 (Truck) and IP (Battery) Protection

Sealed for water and dust protection to electrical components for increased reliability and performance in wet environments.

  • Heads-up Display (HUD)

Provides a visual for the battery state-of-charge along with an audible alarm for low charge and alerts operator if maintenance is required.

  • Onboard Battery Management System (BMS)

Schedules charge times, notifies you when charge is required and monitors the charging and usage to prevent overcharging and discharging.

Contoured handle features easy-to-reach controls.

  • Intelligent Protection

Guard against low discharge/low state-of-charge warning, reserve power mode, manual travel restriction and dormant mode.


  • AC Traction Control

Seamless speed transitions, allowing operator the control needed to smoothly move the truck one inch at a time.

  • Regenerative Power

Lithium-ion batteries have better acceptance of regenerative power.

  • Higher Voltage

Lithium-ion operates at a higher voltage than lead-acid batteries.

  • Static Torque Control

Separates speed from torque, giving operators the power to maneuver up and over lift gates and curbs with smooth, controlled operation at all speeds.

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