Reach-Fork Truck

A Fit for Every Application

The Raymond 7300 Reach-Fork truck is engineered to handle a broad range of applications—from small footprints to maximum throughput needs. With our exclusive ACR System and battery compartments ranging from 14 inches to 21 inches, you can move more product faster with a truck designed for your application.

  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs. to 4,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 301" maximum
  • Customized for Your Application: Hundreds of configurations available to meet your specific needs



  • Battery Shift Life

Longer battery shift lift means trucks run longer on a single charge.

  • Performance without Compromise

Use less energy and benefit from lower operational costs and fewer carbon emissions.

  • Efficient by design

Fewer battery changes means more pallets moved over the course of a shift.


  • ACR System

Delivers quicker acceleration and electronic braking, faster lift and lower speeds, and smooth directional changes for load handling.

  • Open View Mast

Universal stance configuration allows greater visibility.

  • Exclusive Steered Idler

Prevents caster snap, reducing the time it takes an operator to back away from a rack with a load at high elevations.


  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements

Advanced, on-board diagnostics provide self-checking capabilities.

  • Flex Circuit Technology

Easy-to-remove control handle has 61% fewer parts than competing models.

  • Bolt-on Wheel Plates

Floating articulation allows for easy load-wheel replacement.


  • Low Entry-step Height

Easier compartment entry helps operators avoid unnecessary climbing, minimizing fatigue.

  • Single-axis Control Handle

Intuitive vehicle controls are easy to learn.

  • Spacious Compartment

Comfortable wraparound, contoured padding, multiple lean points and cushioned floors.


  • A-frame suspension

Delivers smooth, precise handling with full-time traction and steering alignment.

  • Unique Inertial Dampener

Shocks and sways are reduced before they reach the operator compartment- enhancing stability and operator performance.

  • Steered Idler Design

Automatically aligns with the drive wheel to prevent caster snap and provides rock-solid stability at high elevations.

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