Sideloader Forklift

Versatile, Heavy-Duty Long Load Handling

The Raymond 9400 Sideloader truck is engineered to handle long, bulky loads with ease in narrow aisle storage and tight areas. It's ideal for handling long or bulky loads such as steel, bar stock, tubing, laminates, lumber or plywood - with stacking capabilities up to 30 feet high. Highly maneuverable and versatile, Raymond Sideloader long load forklifts make light work of your cumbersome loads.

  • Battery: 48 volt
  • Capacity: 12,000 lbs
  • Elevated Height: 367" maximum



  • ACR System
    Raymond’s exclusive ACR System requires fewer battery changes and more uptime and lower energy costs. ACR delivers smooth handling while the 48- volt power unit maintains high performance throughout the battery cycle.
  • Dual Drive Motors
    Dual, independent drive motors provide power and positive traction to increase productivity.
  • Faster Travel Speeds
    ACR delivers faster travel speeds and quicker acceleration for increased productivity – all while using less energy than comparable AC systems.


  • Cushioned Mast Stops
    Absorb shock to reduce product damage due to load jarring.
  • Heavy Duty Capacity
    The Raymond 9400 Sideloader offer heavy-duty 12,000 lb.capacity to handle your long and bulky loads with ease in narrow aisle storage areas. From lumber to handling raw materials in manufacturing applications, our Sideloaders are engineered to handle your heaviest loads, day after day, year after year.


  • ACR and Regenerative Braking
    Raymond’s exclusive ACR System and the regenerative braking feature helps the Raymond Sideloader to run cooler, maximizing uptime and performance on a single battery charge.
  • Battery Rollers
    The corrosion-resistant battery rollers facilitate quick battery changes to reduce downtime.
  • Hinged Battery Cover
    Provides quick, convenient service access for battery inspection and removal.


  • Cushioned Floor
    Cushioned floor mat provides shift-long comfort.
  • Ergonomic Compartment
    The roomy operator compartment provides multiple lean points, easy-to-reach controls that are ergonomically designed, and a clear view of the forks and load for enhanced operator comfort and productivity throughout the shift.
  • Ergonomic Controls
    Single-axis control handle allows for comfortable, easy maneuvering of long loads in narrow aisles and tight work areas. The variable speed lift and lower provides precise load control and reduces load jarring.


  • Auxiliary fork carriage
  • Hydraulic adjustable forks
  • Double rail guide rollers

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