Swing-Reach Truck

Heavy-Duty Performance

The Raymond 9800 Swing-Reach truck offers a whole new level of productivity and energy efficiency, utilizes spaces more effectively, and sets a new standard for driving down costs. This Swing-Reach turret truck has been engineered with stability and maneuverability to take your warehouse to the next level.

  • Battery: 48 volt
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs. to nearly 50 feet; 3,300 lbs. to 30 feet
  • Elevated Height: 584’ maximum
  • Overall Width: 60”



  • Regenerative Lowering
    This combination of superior control and AC technology results in fast, smoother performance and creates power when lowering its load by returning 10% of amps back to the battery for reduced energy consumption and increased uptime.
  • Advanced Lifting System
    This fully integrated combination of hydraulic and gas-pressure lifting for smooth operation results in 40% less energy used that many competing models.
  • Energy Efficient
    A 48-volt system provides main lift speed up to 88 feet per minute compared to competitor 72- and 80-volt trucks. This allows for a smaller lift motor, which reduces heat loss and enables users to run as long as two shifts on a single charge.


    Optimizes travel speed at height by providing smooth coordination between speeds based on load height and weight.
  • Wire Guidance and Intelliguide
    This no-tune system offers excellent tracking and eliminates the need for steering in aisles, reducing product, truck and facility damage while increasing operator productivity.
  • Auto Traverse and Rotate
    Improves productivity by automatically synchronizing the traverse and rotate movements to keep the forks within the aisle when re-positioning.


  • Advanced Belt Drive
    Provides fast fork traverse that automatically adapts to load weight and reduces lubrication requirements.
  • Ease of Access
    From the durable, easily removed cover to the intuitive controls and layout of components, you’ll experience less downtime with ease of access and reduced time to repair.


  • Comfortable Compartment
    Features an adjustable, plush padded seat with a flip-up mechanism for driving in the standing position.
  • Integrated Control Panel
    The fully adjustable integrated operator’s control panel has intuitive simultaneous function controls, for ease of learning, enhanced comfort and improved operator productivity.
  • Light and Fan Package
    LED compartment and picking lights offer efficient lighting and a cooling fan provides air circulation for enhanced comfort when operating in increased temperatures at higher elevations.


  • Articulated Steering
    Enables the truck to maneuver easily through 13-foot intersecting aisles with a 50-inch load and is easy to drive in ‘free-ranging’ conditions when outside of the storage aisle.
  • Quadset Bolt-On Load Wheels
    The staggered front bolt-on wheel design allows the truck’s overall frame width to be easily changed, allowing flexibility to accommodate various aisle widths.
  • Operating Positions
    Variety of driving positions encourages movement within the operator’s compartment, providing postural relief while allowing travel both forks first and tractor first.

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