Tow Tractor

A Dependable Tractor That Keeps On Towing

This sturdy workhorse is designed to tow carts for batch order picking and horizontal transport. With durable construction and our energy efficient ACR System, the 8610 tow tractor is engineered to handle high volume transport and order picking tasks with ease. The height-adjustable handle and standard PowerSteer puts the operator in control in our comfortable compartment.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs. on flat surfaces



  • ACR System
    Raymond’s exclusive ACR System provides longer battery life, more precise speed control, less downtime and a lower cost of ownership.
  • Less Energy Usage
    The Raymond 8610 tow tractor requires fewer battery changes, so you move more per shift. That adds up to less batteries and lower energy costs overall.
  • Quick Acceleration
    ACR also helps your operators get from pick to pick faster with quick acceleration speeds and smooth speed control.


  • Bumper Guard
    An optional heavy duty front bumper guard adds another level of protection to the cover and drive unit.
  • Steel-Reinforced Frame
    Reinforced steel gussets guard against impact to protect critical components, and tough casters add strength.


  • PowerSteer
    Standard PowerSteer reduces steer effort up to 90%, enabling your operators to move more product faster.
  • Fully Programmable
    Operators and managers alike appreciate programmable travel speeds and quicker acceleration. Fully programmable travel parameters help to accommodate different operator skills and experience levels as well as specific application needs.
  • Speed-Sensitive Steering
    PowerSteer provides speed-sensitive steering for smooth, controlled operation at all speeds. It automatically slows the truck when cornering, to maintain operator control.


  • Electric Brake
    Uses reverse plugging to slow before applying the parking brake to minimize wear, and never requires adjustment.
  • Drive Tire Access
    The 8610 tow tractor drive tire is cantilever mounted on the drive unit, and can be removed with 5 bolts to change out in just minutes.
  • Handle Components
    Hall-effect sensors in the handle replace potentiometers, and do not contact, which minimizes wear. CAN bus technology eliminates 40% of wiring, minimizing time needed for wiring and troubleshooting.


  • Comfortable Compartment
    The roomy compartment features a comfortable padded backrest and convenient walk-through access to either side of the aisle for more efficient access to carts.
  • Control Handle
    The ergonomically designed handle features intuitive controls and allows for a neutral, natural hand position, can convenient operation. The height adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of operator sizes.
  • Low Step Height
    A low step height and wide step through convenient access to either side of the aisle for order picking applications and minimizes operator fatigue over the course of a shift.

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