3 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Forklift


Material Handling

A used forklift has all of the features and advantages of a new forklift at a much lower price. Unfortunately, many companies shy away from buying used because they think it’s much riskier. The truth is, when you know what to look for, buying a used forklift is just as easy as buying it brand-new. Here are some important tips on what to consider when making a used forklift purchase:

Conduct a needs assessment. Consider which type of forklift is most appropriate for your business by developing a list of requirements. For example, what is the maximum weight the truck will need to lift, what lift height is required and are they going to be working indoors or outdoors?

Maintenance. Check how well the used forklift has been maintained by asking for the maintenance and repair logs relevant to the specific forklift. Make sure a thorough mechanical inspection is performed prior to purchasing the vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, ensure the supplier can offer good service backup, ongoing maintenance and quick repair

Test drive. After you have examined your prospective forklift thoroughly, drive it around; forwards, backwards, lift and lower. It should offer accurate tracking and be very responsive.

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