Choosing the Right Forklift Tire

Choosing the right tires for your application is almost as important as choosing the right piece of equipment. Forklift tires are made to accommodate forklifts in all different situations.  Whether a forklift is intended for use on rough terrain or indoors, there are tires that will support it. Selecting the correct tire can save you money and improve safety.

Cushion Tires.  Cushion tired trucks have a tire that is made by bonding rubber to a metal base band. Cushion tired trucks are suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor, applications.  Smaller than pneumatics, cushion tired trucks have a tighter turning radius needed for most indoor applications, especially those with narrow aisle racking. Since they have no air inside of them, they never pop or deflate.

Pneumatic Tires.  These tires are the most popular and generally used tire for forklifts.  Pneumatic tires are structured similarly to a car tire: made of treaded rubber and filled with compressed air. Pneumatic tired trucks afford more floatation for a better ride and traction on most surfaces and are ideal for heavy-duty outdoor applications. Their thick treads are made of strong material which resists the process of wearing down to a great extent.

Whether you want a cushion or pneumatic tire model,  Andersen Material Handling parts experts will find the right one for you.