COVID-19 Service Continuation & Contingency Planning

As we all come together during this unprecedented event, we wanted to provide you with an update as to what actions and plans Andersen Material Handling is implementing to ensure we continue to provide the service and solutions you rely upon.

Our priority is the general welfare of our employees and customers. In partnership with The Raymond Corporation, Kardex-Remstar, and Komatsu, we are following CDC and other governmental guidelines with respect to employee hygiene, workplace health, travel, and safety.

We have created a Response Team that is leading our efforts and is responsible for the rapid deployment of internal and external communications as needed.

Technicians and all customer-facing employees are prepared to accommodate any customer facility protocols or requirements.

Should your Andersen Material Handling Technician be unable to report to work, we will rotate Service Technicians accordingly. With over 140 trained service technicians we are confident in our ability to meet our customer’s needs while we all work through this challenge.  Andersen provides services in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and South Florida.

Additional technician measures that we have taken regarding our customer Road Service efforts include:

  • Technicians are required to wipe off operator compartment touchpoints with disinfectant before and after service to vehicles. We can use suitable customer supplied disinfectant if required by the customer.
  • Technicians will use rubber gloves while working at customer locations.
  • Technicians will wipe down computer and signature pads before and after customer signs electronic work order. We are willing to sign on the customer’s behalf if requested.

Additional customer contact measures:

  • Suspend un-scheduled, face-to-face drop-in calls.
  • For scheduled in-person meetings, verify all established protocol is known and followed before arriving at the location.
  • Encourage and facilitate telephone and video conferences instead of face-to-face meetings wherever possible.

Additional measures that we have taken regarding equipment installations:

  • Prior to delivery and release, equipment will have all operator compartment touchpoints disinfected.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and together, we will meet this challenge.

Best regards,
Tom Campau
President & CEO