Eco Friendly Warehousing to Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Going green in your warehouse by streamlining processes and introducing cost-saving initiatives can bring many benefits. Listed below are a few tips to save energy while making a direct attempt to reduce your carbon footprint:

Choose better lighting. Fluorescent lights use less energy for the same amount of light and have better color rendering, in addition to uniform light distribution. Andersen Material Handling offers a complete line of LED and high efficiency fluorescent lighting solutions.

Use battery-powered forklifts. Battery-powered forklifts can reduce your carbon footprint by decreased emissions but it can also save you money on repairs.

Encourage your employees to develop a green mindset. Offer incentives and rewards for workers who come up with innovative and green solutions for the workplace. With everybody doing their part to take care of the planet, your company will not go unnoticed by today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.

Deploy controllable thermostats. By regulating and measuring the warehouse temperature, users can reduce their energy usage with shorter heating and cooling cycles.

These quick tips aim to highlight some areas to consider changing in your warehouse and storage facilities. Going green in the warehouse will not only benefit the environment and your employees but can save your company money and make you more efficient. For more information about cutting cost and maximizing profits within a warehouse operation contact the experts at Andersen Material Handling.