How Do You Know When It’s Time To Retire Your Lift Truck?

Your business relies on the utility of a reliable and capable forklift. At some point in time, it makes more sense to upgrade an old lift truck than to continue running it. Replacing older, less efficient lift trucks at the right time can reduce your maintenance costs, improve your productivity, and save money.  Listed below are some tips on how to determine the right time to make a new purchase.

Hours on the job. Higher hour lift trucks usually experience more failures with major components and the service can be costly.

The cost of maintenance. If you find that constant upkeep and fixing of the older forklift is costing more than you planned on, then it might be time to take the model out of service. You may not think you can afford a new forklift, but consider the current costs of maintenance and repairs that would essentially disappear with the purchase of a new lift truck.

Safety. The risk for the lift causing a serious safety issue must be weighed into the repair or purchase decision. If the lift has a history of safety issues, then replacing it may be the best option.

Production. When lift truck fleets grow old, downtime tends to increase. When productivity is reduced, you end up spending money when you should be making money.

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