Material Handling Can Hurt: People, Equipment, Bottom Line


Material Handling

Warehousing is a risky business and making sure your warehouse is a safe place to work has very serious business implications.  Having a safe work environment, effective employee training, well-maintained machinery, set policies and effective supervision will help reduce risks.

Training. Operations that lack adequate employee training are likely to suffer from low productivity, safety issues and a general lack of control. Untrained employees generally lack attention and focus, which results in serious warehouse loses and damages. More about Andersen Material Handling training programs.

Clear policies and procedures. It is critical that the management of every working warehouse put strong safety procedures in place to protect themselves and the members of their teams.

Good housekeeping. Keeping your warehouse clean and organized reduces dangerous clutter and accidents.  Floors should be free from spills, traffic areas should be clear, and materials and goods should be stored or stacked securely.

Working machinery. It is important to make sure that the equipment is properly used and well-maintained. Performing preventive maintenance on your equipment, machinery and tools to will help avoid major issues and downtime.

Risk is universal across the warehousing industry.  No one is more committed to training your teams for success, and keeping your operations running smoothly, than Andersen Material Handling. Contact us for more information about how we can help you improve safety throughout your facilities and mitigate risks.