Material Handling—It’s Not Just Forklifts and Lift Trucks


Material Handling

A lot more goes into improving an organization’s operations than just investing in machinery.

A lot more goes into improving an organization’s operations than just investing in machinery. To get the most out of your forklift means understanding all the factors involved that help make it operate efficiently. Material handling optimization involves decisions regarding the upkeep of material handling equipment, properly organizing and training employees on a process that works, and improving the efficiency of your fleet. Inefficient material handling can easily lead to lower production and increased costs. When it comes to your material handling optimization, ask yourself:

How is my equipment running? To keep equipment running at maximum capability and to reduce inefficiencies, warehouse managers should adopt a preventative maintenance plan. This type of plan reduces the amount of productive time lost due to a malfunctioning lift truck, all while improving safety. Maintenance plans can be used for emergencies, but more importantly, are implemented to identify and fix potential problems before they cause major complications.

Have my employees had sufficient Training? The amount of time invested in employee training will tremendously affect results. The lack of proper training causes your warehouse to produce low quality products in a highly-dangerous environment. Safety and productivity go hand in hand. Employees must be sure to follow all standard safety rules and procedures to refrain from damaging machinery and potential injury.

How can I better optimize my forklift fleet? Properly managing an organization’s material process can help optimize a forklift fleet. This can be achieved by regulating what each piece of equipment is moving, where, when and how often. Knowing these little logistical matters can help determine productivity.

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