Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Forklift or Lift Truck Battery

Using batteries for forklift operations can offer a significant financial benefit if they are cared for properly. To maximize the effectiveness of forklift batteries, it is crucial to develop the following routine:

Pay attention to charging. To maximize the life of your battery do not let the battery discharge more than 80%. No matter the amount of the charge, the battery is still one cycle closer to the end of its life.

Keep a close eye on maintenance. Battery maintenance is an extremely forgotten yet important factor. One of the top causes of premature battery failure and loss is sulphation. This prevents the battery’s ability to accept, hold and deliver a charge.

Refill the battery’s water supply. Check the water level every five charges. Running a battery dry will damage the forklift battery. When refilling only use distilled water.

Keep it clean. If acid from the battery cells is covering the top of the battery take the time to clean it properly. If the acid issue is ignored, it will shorten the life of your battery. Battery cleaning should be performed once per year or as required.

By following these suggestions, you can extend the life of your forklift batteries.

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