Proud to support American-made products

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has impacted the country and the world as a whole. Everyone’s lives have changed as families and businesses work together to persevere through the fallout of this unprecedented time. At Andersen Material Handling, we are doing the same. Even though our business has been impacted, we are working hard to support our manufacturing partners as well as our employees as we meet the growing needs of our customers.

By continuing to provide essential and fundamental services, by remaining calm and dependable, by offering knowledgeable advice and above all by showing faith in the strength and resiliency of Americans, we embrace our role as an important supplier in the entire material handling system. As we continue to respond to changing restrictions, I reflect on our company mantra, Power to Move. It is so much more than a tagline. It’s our heartbeat. It says who we are and what we value.

At Andersen Material Handling, we are proud to offer forklifts and other material handling equipment products that are made in the USA. We are proud to choose leading manufacturing partners who employ Americans and retain production in America. Too many manufacturing jobs have gone overseas in the search for cheap labor and copycat technology. We opt to support American manufacturers with a reputation for innovation and reliability that’s second to none. For example, The Raymond Corporation designs and manufactures electric forklifts used in warehousing and distribution operations in Greene, New York—and has been since 1922. Komatsu America is the second-largest, fully-integrated manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment in North America and builds the Komatsu BX series internal combustion lift trucks here in the US. More importantly, the American-built products from our manufacturing partners – like Raymond and Komatsu – are more powerful and efficient than ever.

As the economy rebounds, our commitment to source equipment from American-made manufacturers and suppliers remains solid and unwavering. Today, where many businesses are receiving support from local and Federal governments, including the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and Main Street Lending, it only makes sense to support American jobs and American communities.

Regardless of whether it is a boom or bust time period, being made right here in the United States simply means something more. It means an investment in local, hometown heroes. It means dedication to innovation and technology. It means steady confidence in the products you rely on. It means total commitment to keeping you and your product moving. And that is why we hang our hats on dedicating whatever resources necessary to provide you Power to Move.

Tom Campau Jr.
President and CEO
Andersen Material Handling