Reduce Forklift Operator Risk with Compliance Training

Operating powered industrial trucks is very serious business. Each year, operators are unnecessarily injured or even killed because they are not trained properly, or are careless in the performance of their jobs. The importance of skilled forklift operators is critical to the safety of your operation, not to mention a federal regulation mandated by OSHA.

Training should include initial hands-on experience, encompassing each element of forklift operation. Retraining is also necessary to diffuse bad habits and to reiterate important situations which might have been forgotten by the casual forklift operator. Having more employees who learn about the operation of your trucks will lead to higher productivity and profitability for your operations.

Saves time and improves productivity. Well-trained forklift operators have no problems operating heavy machinery effectively and efficiently. These employees save time and maximize output.

Prevents inventory losses. When a forklift accident occurs in a warehouse, chances are it results in damage to inventory. Even though an individual accident may cause minor damage, over time these losses add up. Training your forklift operators will minimize costly inventory losses.

Prevents accidents. Forklifts offer practical material handling solutions, but have been associated with workplace deaths and injuries each year. These incidents can be avoided by improving operators’ knowledge and skill set associated with handling these complex oversized machines.


Are you in compliance? Check out Andersen Material Handling’s operator training programs to help your company comply with existing and revised regulations.