Working today. Preparing for tomorrow.


To say the least, the last two months have been extraordinary.

Our commitment to keeping you and your goods moving has meant new ways of doing business as we all adhere to regional, local and national mandates. I’m especially proud of our frontline Road Service Technicians who work in the field every day to ensure Critical Infrastructure customers keep moving goods.

As this pandemic evolves, I am looking at the time when restrictions are lifted and the economy rebounds. I assure you Andersen will be poised to respond to increasing demand, changing needs and new ways of serving our customers. Now more than ever our mantra Power to Move will be challenged and met. We are working closely with our OEM partners to ensure the flow of equipment is steady. Our Rental department is responding to increased demand with extraordinary responsiveness. Our executive team is meeting regularly to anticipate market adjustments. We are investing in new ways to meet your material flow requirements including virtual consultations, application videos and ebooks, material flow simulations and online warehouse operational evaluations.

As we adapt to the future, please consider the programs we currently offer:

  • Creative Financing on equipment purchases.
  • Deferred Monthly Payments on new leases and rentals.
  • Clean, Disinfect and Evaluate idle equipment.
  • Manage Service requests with our Mobile App.
  • Safe and sanitary Parts delivery within 4 hours.
  • Online Operator Training courses.

Thank you for working with us as we implement new procedures to help get our customers and employees back to work safely.

I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Power to Move,

Tom Campau
President and CEO