Forklift Wheels & Tires

Optimize Performance From The Ground Up

Optimum Performance

Engineered with a range of different compounds, tread profiles, and hardness levels (durometer), forklift wheels and tires are formulated for optimum performance in a wide variety of applications and operating conditions.

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Expertise at your Service

Choosing the right wheel or tire for your operation requires a number of considerations:
Considerations for choosing the right wheel or tire: usage, capacity, distance, speed, surface conditions, moisture level, marking or non marking, durometer, tread type, traction type, overheating concern, flat spotting concern, and comfort level.


However, making this decision doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Our knowledgeable representatives are equipped with the tools and resources to assist you


in selecting the best solution for your unique and specific requirements. Contact us to discuss which wheels and tires are best for you.

Tread Profiles

Durable, reliable, and designed for the perfect fit, forklift wheels and tires are available with multiple tread profiles to help you get the most out of your trucks in any application.

Tread Profiles: Smooth Flat, Full Width, Grooved, Smooth Crown, Semi Crown, Traction Contour, Router Siped, Diamond Grooved, and Thin Siping.

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