Switching from Propane
to Electric Forklifts?

Talk to us about how you could switch and save.

The Benefits of Switching

Currently representing nearly 65% of the market, electric forklifts continue to gain in popularity, replacing propane-powered trucks in a broad range of applications for a variety of reasons. With carbon emission reduction, operations are discovering that electricity offers a better way to power their trucks and empower their business. Talk to us about how you could switch and save.

Lower Cost of Ownership

While electric forklifts can cost more upfront than propane lift trucks, they offer a lower total cost of ownership by saving you money on fuel, maintenance, and repairs over the life of the truck.

Improve Operator Comfort

Electric forklifts offer a more pleasant operating experience than propane-powered trucks, enhancing operator comfort and reducing fatigue with fewer vibrations, a quieter ride, less heat, and zero emissions.

100% Reduction in carbon emissions for a cleaner, healthier working environment

Reduced Maintenance & Repairs

With fewer moving parts, no spark plugs, and no required oil changes or tune-ups, electric trucks require less maintenance and repair than propane forklifts, cutting costs and keeping your fleet on the floor for superior productivity.

Interested in switching to Raymond Electric Forklifts?

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Why Raymond Electric Forklifts?

Raymond offers best-in-class forklifts that allow you to move to a sustainable, reliable, economical electric fleet without compromising on capacity, performance, or productivity.

Raymond Sit Down Counterbalanced Forklifts

Industry-leading performance and dependability designed to excel in a wide variety of material handling applications.

Financing Options

Flexible solutions to suit your needs and budget including rentals, leases and used forklifts.

World-Class Manufacturing

Highest quality standards within manufacturing to ensure the most dependable products on the market.

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