The Benefits of Used Forklifts vs New or Rental Lift Trucks


Material Handling

Forklifts are expensive pieces of equipment and it may not be affordable to purchase new. An alternative is to lease or buy used, below are a few reasons how a used forklift can generally benefit most warehouse operations.

Proven workhorse. A used forklift has already been put to the test. An older forklift may provide the right solution for light use or back up forklift.

Lower price. Cost is the number one reason why used forklifts are a smart investment. Since it’s used, you can expect to save quite a bit of money. The savings can be set aside for on-going general maintenance or repair. Also, because of the lower cost of used forklifts, buying more than one machine is a viable option.

Familiarity. Workers typically know how to operate older model forklifts with no additional training. They will use that experience to operate them efficiently and effectively. With no extra costly training, your cost of operation is decreased and ease of use is increased.

Easier Maintenance. Older forklifts are less expensive to work on than newer models. Their parts are usually available and overall the maintenance and upkeep is a lot easier.

Andersen Material Handling carries a full inventory of pre-owned certified forklifts. Contact us for more details