7 Ways to Improve the Pick Rate in Your Warehouse

by Christina Dube, Kardex-Remstar

Pick rate, or the number of items or lines picked per hour, is an important metric when it comes to warehouse management. A high pick rate is essential for maximizing efficiency, reducing order cycle time, and improving customer satisfaction. Let’s explore various strategies and best practices that can help you improve your warehouse pick rate and drive operational excellence.

1.    Optimize Your Warehouse Layout

An efficient warehouse layout directly impacts pick rate. By designing your warehouse for maximum efficiency, you can reduce travel time and improve pick rates. Consider the following best practices to get pickers the SKUs they need as fast as possible:

  • Store high-demand items closer to the packing area to minimize travel time
  • Organize items by type, size, or demand to speed the picking process
  • Maximize vertical space to optimize storage capacity and improve organization
  • Ensure aisles are wide enough to accommodate equipment and personnel without congestion

2.    Implement Effective Picking Methods

Choosing the right picking method can significantly impact your pick rate. Assess your warehouse operations, product mix, and order volume to select the best picking method for your inventory. Often times different storage methods can be used for different inventory throughout the warehouse. Consider implementing discrete order picking, batch picking, zone picking, or other methods as needed.

3.    Leverage Order Picking Technologies

Integrating advanced order picking technologies can drastically improve pick rates by increasing accuracy and efficiency. Consider investing in the following tools:

  • Pick-to-light systems: These systems use light signals to guide pickers to the correct item locations, reducing errors and search time.
  • Voice-directed picking: Pickers receive verbal instructions through a headset, allowing for hands-free and efficient picking.
  • Barcode scanners and RFID technology: These tools enable fast, accurate item identification and verification, reducing errors and improving pick rates.
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS): ASRS systems automate the storage and retrieval of items, enhancing pick rate by reducing walk and search time and delivering the required items directly to the operator as needed.

4.    Provide Thorough Training and Support

Proper training is important for maintaining high pick rates. Ensure your pickers are well-versed in the picking techniques, warehouse layout, and technology utilized in your operations. Additionally, foster a supportive environment by providing ongoing training, feedback, and encouragement to help pickers improve their performance.

5.    Monitor and Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Tracking KPIs, such as pick rate, order accuracy, and productivity, is vital for continuous improvement. Monitor your KPIs regularly and use data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement. Set targets for each KPI and encourage your team to strive for better performance. Regularly review and adjust your goals as needed to ensure continuous growth and optimization.

6.    Implement Lean Warehouse Practices

Lean warehouse practices aim to eliminate waste and streamline processes. Applying lean principles to your warehouse operations can result in improved pick rates. Some lean practices to consider include:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management: This method reduces inventory holding costs and promotes more efficient picking by only stocking items as needed.
  • Standardized work: Establishing consistent processes and procedures can help minimize confusion and enhance pick rate.
  • Continuous improvement: Foster a culture of ongoing learning and improvement, encouraging your team to identify and address inefficiencies.

7.    Prioritize Ergonomics and Safety

Injuries and fatigue can negatively impact picker productivity. Ensure your warehouse is designed with easy-to-reach item locations, well-maintained equipment, and proper lighting.

Improving your warehouse pick rate is essential for achieving operational efficiency and delivering excellent customer service. By optimizing your warehouse layout, implementing effective picking methods and technologies, providing proper training, and focusing on continuous improvement, you can significantly enhance your pick rate.