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  • 3 Strategies to Build Resilience Into Your Warehouse

    By Jeff Greene, Warehouse specialist, Andersen Material Handling Building resilience into your warehouse is a great strategy to protect your business against economic disruption. Uncertainty created by labor strikes, international wars, and talks of recession are fueling companies to re-think many areas of their organization. Warehouse, distribution, and operations managers should weigh three potential weak […]

  • Efficient Order Consolidation for Automotive Parts Distributor

    Hella Distribution Case Study One Kardex Compact Buffer reduces warehouse footprint by 80% and adds efficiency to order consolidation process. Application Automotive parts distribution Equipment 1 Kardex Compact Buffer Kardex JMIF Conveyor connection Headquartered in Germany, Hella Distribution GmbH, supplies customers worldwide with automotive parts and accessories for original equipment as well as the aftermarket […]

  • 7 Ways to Improve the Pick Rate in Your Warehouse

    by Christina Dube, Kardex-Remstar Pick rate, or the number of items or lines picked per hour, is an important metric when it comes to warehouse management. A high pick rate is essential for maximizing efficiency, reducing order cycle time, and improving customer satisfaction. Let’s explore various strategies and best practices that can help you improve […]

  • 5 Key Steps to Improve Your Order Cycle Times

    by Christina Dube, Kardex-Remstar Order cycle time is a critical metric in any warehouse or distribution center. Order cycle is the it takes to receive and fulfill a customer order. It encompasses all the steps involved from when the order is placed to when the products are delivered to the customer. The length of time […]

  • 8 Types of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS): A Deep Dive

    by Gary Higginbothe, Kardex-Remstar Several material handling equipment manufacturers design, engineer and manufacture a wide variety of self-contained, goods-to-person, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). With the focus shifting from picking pallets and cases to picking individual items or “eaches”, there has been an explosion of types of ASRS technologies available in the market to […]

  • How Automation can solve labor shortages

    by Automate Team Even amidst layoffs and a softening economy, experts and economists warn that the skilled labor crunch is here to stay—particularly in industries facing massive numbers of retirees such as manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. From an aging population to declining immigration, this smaller labor pool is set to become the norm. It has […]

  • ASRS 101: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

    by Christina Dube, Kardex-Remstar Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (also referred to as ASRS systems) are most commonly used in manufacturing and distribution facilities. They typically replace large areas of shelving to save floor space, improve safety, and increase productivity. With varying technologies and applications, it can be a bit overwhelming researching ASRS systems for the first […]

  • 18 Warehouse Organization Ideas to Boost Productivity and Morale

    by Christina Dube, Kardex-Remstar Cleaning Up Your Disorganized Warehouse Organization is key to becoming/sustaining a successful business. The warehouse should be considered the foundation to your business. If you’re currently operating a disorganized warehouse and need some help prioritizing your next steps, you’ve come to the right place. Our suggestion is to start by making small […]

  • 3 Trends Shaping the Modern Warehouse in 2023

    by Anja Rösch, Kardex-Remstar Supply chain disruptions, increasing customer demands, rising omni-channel fulfillment requirements and scarce labor resources are eating into warehouse efficiencies more and more every day. As a result, these intralogistics trends are emerging to keep organizations one step ahead. As organizations continue to transition to more semi and fully automated processes in an […]

  • The Golden Zone: Improving Warehouse Ergonomics with Automation

    by Gary Higginbothem, Kardex-Remstar Is picking parts putting your employees at risk of injury? Are you feeling the impact of worker compensation claims? Take a look at the financial impact of poor warehouse ergonomics in your operations. According to OSHA, serious, non-fatal workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars every year. Two top factors associated with […]