The Clear Way to Reduce Material Handling Operating Costs


Fleet Management

To make good business decisions regarding your fleet, you require good information. Warehouse managers around the world have recognized the importance of monitoring and maintaining lift truck operating statistics to maximize overall productivity. By installing a fleet optimization system, companies can now determine the true cost of ownership of its lift truck fleets, assess the appropriate time to service each truck, replace or reassign equipment, and evaluate maintenance trends. Andersen Material Handling offers iWarehouse, the most powerful and comprehensive fleet optimization solution ever created for businesses that want to reduce costs without sacrificing productivity.

iWarehouse system is an enterprise fleet management solution for warehouse and distribution center managers to collect and analyze real-time lift truck data to maximize fleet productivity and reduce costs. iWarehouse enables warehouses to operate with greater efficiency and lower expenses. This is the only optimization solution that enables one to clearly see your lift truck operations throughout your warehouses and across the entire fleet. All data are populated immediately from iCare or iBenefits making the information available on demand for reporting as a reliable decision support system. iWarehouse enables you to:

  • Decreases operating cost
  • Right-size your fleet
  • Increase operator productivity and throughput

The iWarehouse system is available through Andersen Material Handling. For more information about iWarehouse or to locate an Andersen Material handling dealer click here.