Tips to Maintain Your Forklift and Lift Truck Fleet


Fleet Management

When forklifts are not appropriately maintained or utilized efficiently, downtime can increase, which means productivity decreases and profits suffer. Managing a fleet of forklifts in the materials handling industry is no small expense. Get ahead of costly repairs, downtime and lost productivity with these tips to improve efficiencies and ultimately increase profits.

Communication. Communication between management, your technicians & forklift operators is key. As they come into contact with your fleet on a daily basis, their opinions and observations will be critical to keeping your fleet running efficiently. Make sure your technicians keep a detailed log of what has been repaired, how often and which parts are covered under warranty.

Fleet Management Software. When it comes to optimizing and managing your fleet assets, having the right processes in place and acquiring the right information enables you to effectively and efficiently improve your facility’s operating environment. With the right tools and management processes, you can take immediate control of your fleet and reduce overall operating costs.

Maintenance. Forklift maintenance is important – and often overlooked. Proper maintenance is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of improved reliability, durability and resale value.

Andersen Material Handling can handle service or repair needs within a minimum 4-hour response time – or sooner. Contact us at one of our nearest Forklift Sales and Service locations.